Native Target SDK

Ad Monetization, Full Control, App Analytics, Single Interface

Looking to make more money and grow your business, Leverage Native Target to start monetizing your apps today.

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Engage people with unique experience

Maximize your apps’ monetization through Native Target’s innovative and recognized ad formats.
Native Target delivers maximized monetization solution that empowers you to get the best ROI, user engagement and higher performance from your app.
Find the right and best in class ad formats to deliver great results.

Ad Formats

In-App Alert

Tyroo’s In-App alerts capture the user's attention with exciting offers during app usage


Highly interactive and engaging ad format which offer a user-initiated panel to extend the ad beyond traditional unit ad dimensions.

Expandables allows the mobile ad unit to expand in size, initiated on roll-over or on-click providing an extra space for user to interact with advertiser's message.

Multi – Lingual

Like nothing you have seen

We cut out the clutter with being the only network to serve ads as per “In Market” Local Language based on user or publisher preferences.

Drill down your monetization strategy

Native Target provides self-served/optimization control and flexibility of your inventory on choosing campaigns, ad formats, creative etc.

Complete Transparency

Native Target pioneering functionality provides more transparent and comprehensive reporting along with enhanced control. Native Target is the answer for all your monetization needs.