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Serving over 270 billion impressions and over 55 million engagements, we stand as one of the leading global mobile advertising technology company to deliver higher eCPMs for our publisher partners.

Native Target SDK

Maximize your apps’ monetization

Native Target delivers maximized monetization solution that empowers you to get the best ROI, user engagement and higher performance from your app. Find the right and best in class ad formats to deliver great results.

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They way ahead for E-commerce Business

Our mobile focused “re-marketing” solution is helping re-engage visitors on mobile apps and mobile web. It uses real time bidding and programmatic solutions on leading global mobile advertising supply partners to track your mobile app or mobile web visitors.

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100% Fill rate with highest eCPM for audiences across Emerging Markets

Our Marquee clients

We’ve been working with Tyroo for half a year now and we’ve been very pleased with the performance of our campaigns. Tyroo is our largest network partner and delivered some great results. Tyroo contributes 15% to our overall affiliate revenue pie. Our association with Tyroo has helped us boost our revenues by 40%. They’ve put us in touch with some great companies who have enabled us to also manage retargeting and APP programs through both CPS models under the monitor of the Tyroo system. We’ve always had a dedicated account manager who works behind the scenes to drive interest in our brands and recruit new affiliate members, while the rest of the affiliate team works to strengthen and support our efforts.

LU Yin Business Development, Ctrip

Tyroo is one of the largest digital performance channel for Domino's Pizza. Through their efficient and optimized affiliate coupon strategy, Tyroo has managed to drive a growth of 100% in transactions over a period of 6 months (Aug 2012-July 2013). The conversion rates have increased by 80% from Jan’13 to July’13.

In the last 3 months, we have also used the Tyroo network for promoting our new product launch videos each garnering 1 lakh full-views from the audience.

Shobhit Tandon Deputy General Manager Marketing, Dominos Pizza India

Since the start of our recent partnership with Tyroo, we have seen discernibly higher levels of quality in prospects in the medium of affiliate based acquisitions. Tyroo has been able to provide a 95% success rate in Credit Card applications that we have received

Shambhavi Kumar Assistant Vice President – Marketing, Citibank India

Tyroo has been the largest affiliate channel for Myntra, contributing over 35% of the overall sales from the affiliate channel. A comprehensive approach helped to not only achieve the set objectives but also surpass them. The conversion rates have always been good which highlights the fact that traffic sources were constantly optimized. New traffic was constantly explored by using mailers on different databases and new websites

Puneet Bhatia Head Affiliate Marketing, Myntra

When entered the Indian market last year in 2013 with Flipit India, it was our first Asian venture and very different from every other market we were experienced in. Tyroo was one of the first networks we turned to, and thanks to their tremendous help and support, they have helped us partner up with India's largest brands in e-commerce and have contributed to our growing sales and reputation within India as an expanding performance-based marketing firm

Joanna Jaoudie Country Manager, Flipit India

Tyroo is an excellent network, they consistently and reliably host affiliate programs from some of the very best merchants India has to offer. Their expert knowledge of affiliate programs has effectively enabled us to increase our revenues and satisfy our members. We at Top Cashback India look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Tyroo!

Jamie Thompson Partnerships Executive,

We are continually impressed with how easy it is to work alongside Tyroo. They are always responsive, and send the freshest deals and offers. Their staff is more than happy to answer any questions and extremely helpful. As our first network contact in India, they have truly set the bar high!

Andrew Crowley Merchant Manager, Social Growth Technologies